About Me!!


I’m Minnie

Age: 28-Birthday is Dec 17th

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Body Size: Petite, small I only weigh 110 and I’m 5 ft tall

What I love sexually:

I love being submissive whatever it happens to be for the day. I love to spank, choke, slap, cum from all kinds of fun things. I enjoy pain, I want to continue to explore and grow with the awesome people I meet!

I also love to Dom little sissy men, I love to make them fuck their man pussy, and hurt themselves for my amusement. Big into sph, cbt, humiliation, denial, long term chastity, with daily edging! maybe a ruined orgasm if you beg me enough! Also enjoy Findom, and blackmail!

More about me:

I have a long term boyfriend (10 years) and we have one wonderful daughter who is 4. I am a huge gamer! I love my Xbox One! I am also a huge crafter, been crocheting a ton in my spare time, hope to have my etsy store up and running soon! I also love to read. Lots of murder mysteries and fantasy, supernatural, pretty much anything that’s capable of captivating my attention.

Other then that I work as an Office Manager in a busy dental office! I love my job, and the opportunity my boss has given me for advancement! I also work a few different cam sites but my main site is myfreecams.com!! See my page on where to find me to see all the awesome sites!

Picture 645

I love to be spoiled with E-Gifts! Want to make my day send me a surprise! Everything helps me get ahead in this crazy life!

Email for all E-Gift Cards:


Love to get Amazon, Eden, Victoria’s Secret, Wal-Mart, even home depot (I love power tools), really anything you could surprise me with would be awesome!

**PAYPAL** is not accepted for any naughty content! Only to help me pay my bills….Ask for email if you would like to contribute to my bill fund! DO NOT LEAVE A TIP NOTE WHEN SENDING PAYPAL!

One thought on “About Me!!

  1. sloopb says:

    Minnie, the site looks fantastic!

    Keep on being you; sensually submissive, passionately petite, adorably attractive and sooooo kinky!!

    sloopb xxx

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